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Selfie Booster Hander Grip

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You will love it, this kind of gentle and practical ergonomic design, when you take photos no longer have mobile phone instability, taking the too narrow problem, supernatural photographic shutter, let you quickly capture every movement, every scenery.

ShutterGrip- helps you capture beautiful moments through which you can get closer to professional photographers. Comfortable and stable grip: ergonomic natural non-slip hand for taking desktop snapshots/videos.

Like a traditional single-lens camera, ShutterGrip allows you to enjoy the comfort and security of holding your smartphone in one hand. You can adjust the position of ShutterGrip to find the most comfortable grip position.


ShutterGrip is super compact and can be easily put into a pocket or wallet, and can be used anytime and anywhere. Anytime with friends, indoor cityscape and life turbulent moments capture indoor selfies. As well as taking more stable photos and video easily, with sculpting handles and actual shutter release buttons.


Detachable Bluetooth shutter remote allows you to take more natural and creative selfies. Extend your arm further, turn the camera in another way to take the picture, and then press the shutter button safely with your other hand. Bluetooth shooting is supported up to 10 meters away.


Universal standard 1/4 screw hole, built-in standard screw hole, can be installed on a tripod. Group shots can be taken easily from any Angle or distance with the help of a detachable shutter remote.

Compatible. IOS/Android smartphones; Samsung, LG, Moto, Google. Cross-use, 1 accessory for the whole family.


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