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Rechargeable Bottle Blender

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4 Blades Blue
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6 Blades Pink
6 Blades Purple
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2 Blades Green
2 Blades Pink

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The Drink Bottle That Doubles As A Blender!  

Our  Bottle combines health drink blending and portability. It will help you get closer then ever to your health goals with it's convenient design. Like never seen before you can prepare smoothies and shakes then take them on the go! Blending up fruits and vegetables and storing them for later diminishes flavor and texture.. it's not enjoyable to drink. This Bottle Blender makes it so you can easily store your cut up fruit or vegetables and blend them on the spot at anytime, anywhere! It's rechargeable, say goodbye to plugs and batteries. Its lightweight design is no bigger then your standard water bottle. The same USB slot you charge it with will charge your devices! This bottle doubles as a power bank. It's perfect for smoothies, protein shakes, workout supplements, even baby formulas.. Any drink you enjoy on the go is perfect for this New Blend-N-Go Bottle!
Let's get straight into the main features; It's Rechargeable - Have you ever seen a blender that isn't bulky and need a direct plug in? This is the first of its kind. Simply charge this via. USB and take it anywhere! It has a 10 hour charge time that can last weeks depending how many shakes or smoothies you're making. It's Powerful - It blends just as good as some of the top fancy blenders you see on TV. You can blend any fruit or vegetables at ease without blades getting stuck or dirty. You can even chop peanuts and harder foods. It has a Light-Weight Design - It's no bigger then the standard size Shaker Bottle or Water Bottle. It will fit in your gym bag, cup holder or purse no problem. It's Dishwasher Friendly - Easy to clean, it fully disassembles so you can get deep into the crevices that hold old food gunk. Just pop it in the dishwasher and it will be spotless. It's Enjoyable to Drink From - You might be thinking that drinking from a blender seems unpleasant, this is not an ordinary blender! We have took a ton of time to design the lid as if it were any top of the line water bottle. It also has a clip so you can hang it off your bag and carry it with ease! It Can Charge Devices - Use the same USB slot you charge it with to charge your devices. Any USB cord can connect to it, it doubles as a power bank. Specifications  
  • Made of BPA free, food safe materials
  • Rechargeable via. USB (10 hour charge life)
  • 380ML Capacity
  • Comes in Green, Blue or Pink
  • Dishwasher Friendly
  • Stainless Steel Blades