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Easy-Bag Incredible Bungee

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"It's like traveling with a third hand!"

Travelling - independently, or with children - is stressful! Have you ever been walking with your “personal item bag” on top of your luggage just to have it fall to the side with a thump? Now imagine people trying to dodge you and bump into you while you're on the go - we've all been there. In train stations and airports two hundred feet seems like five miles. And it happens. Again and again. Now you can finally say goodbye to this inconvenience! In enabling many items to be condensed into one, this product makes dealing with the unexpected a little easier.

This product will function as your third hand! Now you can free up one hand to keep your children or elderly safe! Or simply use it to say goodbye to that heavy bag digging into your shoulder! Meanwhile, the product is small and light. It's easy to store in the luggage outer pocket while not in use. It removes quickly for security checkpoints as well.


  • Free Shipping Worldwide
  • Carry more with less effort
  • The Bag Bungee allow two items to move as one
  • Great for use with all structured suitcases
  • Easy to store
  • Quick in-and-out functionality
  • Works on single pole or double pole telescoping handles
  • Attaches easily to handle system of wheeled luggage
  • Secures a 2nd bag, jackets, winter hats, camera tripods, etc

The amount of hassle this bag saves you makes it an absolute lifesaver. You're going to ask yourself how you've ever travelled without it? We're proud to be making travel easier with fashionable, functional products that are designed and built to last. So what are you waiting for?

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