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Portable Air Humidifier + Aroma Diffuser

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Don't Let Dry Stuffy Air Bother You Anymore! 
Compact & Portable Travel Humidifier--Small, compact, lightweight, convenient, and portable. Perfect for home, office, car, hotel, dorm, and camping. It will work anywhere. You can also plugin via a USB for added on-the-go convenience.

Compatible With Any Container-- Easily adjustable length and flexible design allow you to use with any sized cup, bottle, bowl, or vase. It's truly one size fits all.

Whisper Quiet Humidifier--The diffuser adopts extremely quiet ultrasonic technology, and won't be a disturbance to you. It keeps the humidity of the air quietly, whether you are at work or while you sleep.

Health Humidify--This diffuser can effectively improve the dry air, adds moisture to the air, relieve skin and nose irritation caused by drying. Ideal for your family, children, friends, pets, and lovers.


4 Easy Steps to Use Your H2O Mobile Humidifier:

Step 1: Place the cotton wick into the water, soaking both ends

Step 2: Insert the cotton wick into the humidifier and adjust for the container size

Step 3: Drop it into any container and plug in the humidifier via the USB cable

Step 4: Turn on the device and enjoy a more hydrated environment 

What comes with the H2O Mobile Humidifier? 

To give you on-the-go comfort, you’ll receive:

H2O humidifier, 1 long cotton wicks, 1 short cotton wicks, 1 USB cable, 1 manual

With these quality components, you can enjoy hours of hydrated, refreshing air.

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